Introduction to Project Management Training

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This course examines how to use Project Management Training. Project Management Training Course is now recognised as an exciting programme that will bring you up to date on the latest techniques and approaches that are appropriate in Project Management Training.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:
• Understand the objectives and goals of Project Management Training.
• Know how to take Roles and Responsibilities
• Recognize the Stakeholder Communication
• Understand how to Define tasks and activities
• Know how to Create a risk management plan.
• Know how to Manage the project team
• Know how to Manage expectations

Methodology of Training
Effective presentations for each of the topics together with interactive trainer lead sessions of discussion. There will also be practical sessions and the participants have the opportunity to practice and experience. Role-plays, case studies, DVD's, videos, small group work, exercises and feedback will be used to facilitate learning.

The Organisational Impact
• Participants will be able to work successfully in this course.
• Improve the responsibilities.
• Improve your managing Communications.
• Participants are encouraged to Set Goals and Objectives
• Participants will be able to Identify the types of documentation
• Participants will be able to track approvals.

This course is designed for :
Provides an introduction to the principles of Project Management, equipping delegates to apply these principles to real projects after the course.



30 May –
3 June 2011

6-10 June 2011

13-17 June 2011

9-13 May 2011

16-20 May 2011

23-27 May 2011
















Additional Info

  • Day 1:

    •    Project Management - Principles and Definitions
    •    Key principles for PM success
    •    What is a Project?
    •    What is Project Management?
    •    Roles and Responsibilities
    •    Responsibility Matrix
    •    Project Management - Stakeholder Management
    •    Stakeholder Analysis
    •    Stakeholder Planning
    •    Terminology
    •    The Role of the Project Manager
    •    Project Management - Defining Responsibilities
    •    Stakeholder Communication
    •    Project Management - Managing Communications
    •    Communication Plan examples Techniques

  • Day 2:

    •    Project Management - Producing the Project Definition
    •    Tips for writing a Project Definition
    •    What to include
    •    The approval process
    •    Setting Goals and Objectives
    •    Defining tasks and activities
    •    Brainstorming using Mind Maps
    •    Estimating time
    •    Creating a work breakdown structure
    •    Project Management - Managing Project Documentation
    •    Types of documentation
    •    How to store it

  • Day 3:

    •    How to track approvals
    •    Naming standards
    •    Project Management - Defining the Project Work
    •    Determining task dependences
    •    Determining task constraints
    •    Creating a Gantt Chart and Network Diagram
    •    Project Management - Managing Project Risk
    •    Techniques to identify risk
    •    Creating a risk management plan

  • Day 4:

    •    Project Management - Managing the Work plan
    •    Updating the project plan
    •    Status meetings and reports
    •    Process for managing scope changes
    •    Managing expectations
    •    Project Management - Managing Quality
    •    What is quality?
    •    Process to manage quality
    •    Action items
    •    Dealing with issues
    •    Root cause analysis
    •    Cause and Effect analysis

  • Day 5:

    •    Managing the project team
    •    Project Management - Managing Scope
    •    Defining scope
    •    Resolving quality issues
    •    Project Management - Managing Project Completion
    •    Phase out meeting
    •    Phase out questions
    •    Phase out plan and activities

  • Period: 5 Hours
  • Duration: 5 Days
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