How to make doctor visits louboutin mens sneakers and shots easier for your baby Don't get there earlywe arrive at the doctor's office just in time for the appointment, not early.For that long wait in the tiny examining room, i make sure that i have a favorite toy and a snack/drink.We sing and cuddle and talk about all of the things in the room.I let her touch anything she wants except the dreaded"Medical waste can. "We even wash her hands in the sink.After the nurse gets the necessary information, we undress, counting toes and fingers and doing the"Head, shoulders, knees, and toes"Song.I make sure that i tell the doctor a funny story about jess, so that as she gets older, he'll be more likely to remember her(This has worked well with her older brothers).Glenna Treat the doctor's staff like friendswhen i take my son to the doctor's office he's not scared at all.That's because the people who work there don't wear lab coats or anything like that;They wear normal shirts and jeans.I took pictures of everyone in the office holding either tyler or logan and i made a photo album and put their names under their picture.We look through it the day of the appointment.He knows everybody there and he just loves them.Amy Make it a family affairi have three children, and i try to take them all with me to our family's doctor and dentist appointments.That way, each child is"The patient"Less than half of the time, and they can see that the doctor's office is not necessarily a scary place.Sometimes someone gets a shot, but mostly not.Traceymy husband and i go to my son's vaccination appointments together.It makes it much easier on both of us.My husband can handle the needles and helps to hold my son's arms while i talk to him as he is getting his shots.My son usually gets fussy with the last one, but a minute later he's fine because he gets big hugs and we use our"Happy"Voices.He's only 8 months old but has not had a problem being at the doctor's office yet.Heather Bring a toytake your baby's favorite toy with you to the doctor.While playing with the toy and sitting on your lap, your child will be preoccupied and comfortable making it easier for you, your baby, and your doctor.Michelle Keep the same doctortry to keep the same doctor.That way your child can get to know the doctor(And vice versa)And the surroundings.Sunshine Redirect your baby's attentionfor shots, my husband holds our baby upright with his little leg exposed and has him facing me.On the count of three, the doctor gives him his shot while i blow in his face to distract him.It really works!Kim The best way to distract my child during shots is to hold her on my lap and tell her to"Look at mommy,"And then start blowing in her face as soon as the nurse/doctor gets close with the needle.I keep blowing until the nurse moves away.I've been doing this since my daughter was 4 months old and it has worked every time.She doesn't even make a peep.Everyone is shocked at how well this works. Kc1227before giving my daughters a shot, our doctor gave them a tiny bit of sugar water, and while they were concentrating on the taste in their mouth, they got their shots and they didn't even cry!I was floored.I thought he was crazy for even trying this method, but it worked.No more tearsi put my face next to my daughter's and sing to her while they are giving the shot.Lil's mom Offer a comfort feedingthe doctor encouraged me to breastfeed my baby while she was getting the shot and it worked, she barely made a peep.Apparently it comforts the baby and makes them feel less pain.Stephanie Use pain reliever before the shotgiving my kids a dose of acetaminophen about 45 minutes before the shot, their favorite toy, and a pacifier works wonders.Christy I christian louboutin pumps was a very doctor fobic child.But it seems like my son isn he greets his docor and nurses with a big, sunny smile and thanks them when they done. But shots have always been a big problem for him.So a few months ago, i started searching for some suggestions.Many people said that blowing in the baby face works so i tried it.Can you believe it?He didn cry at all, just whimpered a tiny bit. I am a breastfeeding mama and my little prince has adopted the breasts as christian louboutin sale his lovies, so it only natural to pull them out when he upset. I find that if i let him comfort nurse for a while prior to the shots, he will be sleepy ish and also, not cry!If i do both of these things, he usually be happy afterwards yay!But sometimes, i need to be nursing him while he getting his shots. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.If you have any concerns about your own health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.Please review the terms of use before using this site.Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the terms of use.

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