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Membership of certified trainers:

It is given to those who are professionals and managers to enter a specified test for each discipline. He must pass by not less than 75% and obtain a certificate of trainers certified from Oxford like (Human Resource Trainers , Training Trainers , recruitment trainers , public relations trainers , trainers in project management , marketing trainers , procurement trainers , support and supply trainers , office management trainers , etc.).

Membership conditions:

-The applicant of membership must have a certificate of education or long training course or several short courses in the same specialization. The number of hours of training must be more than 20 hours.
- He must have experience of at least 12 months in the required specialization.
- He must send a copy of the documents that supported the qualifications and experience for registration to enter the test.
- We will show these documents to the Oxford team of experts, in the case of acceptance of this request the client gets the date and instructions for entering the test and ask him to pay £ 600 including registration fee which is £ 50.
- Customer has the right to enter the exam again in the case of failure to pass a test OTA for payment of a fee of £ 50for each additional time, which is given to the customer any amounts paid in the case of not being able to pass a final exam or in the case of not wishing to enter the examination or re-entering it.
- In the case of the success of the client, he will gain a certificate based from Oxford (a certificate of trainers certified from OTA).


- This who requires a membership gets a membership number of trainers certified from OTA, and his data will be recorded on the site. His name will be in the list of accredited trainers s of the OTA.

-A certificate of trainers certified from OTA will be issued and he can receive it by OTA Agents in the area where he lives, or it will be sent to him by mail if there is not an agent of the OTA in his country.

- The member gets a discount of 20% of the value of any services or educational training of OTA in his specialization.

- The member gets a discount of 20% if he applies for the test of personal analysis, which provides a report showing his capabilities and weaknesses and strengths in the level of skills in accordance with the standards of OTA professional. The OTA experts will advice to improve these skills, and how to cure the professional weaknesses to reach the international standards of this specialization.

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