OTA has the best qualified and professional experienced trainers all over the United Kingdom. OTA offers a wide range of courses that are suitable for learners and provide them with the knowledge and skills they need for their future.

We hold our training courses in the most wonderful hotels in London. These hotels are suitable for holding such courses.

Participants are able to communicate with the professors openly, because our trainers are open-minded. They are the best trainers in UK and they will be able to benefit every trainee with their ideas.

We make the best practice of training, that our experts can establish new types of training that cope with the trainees.
They can change the old styles of training with new practices without making any confusion.

OTA gives Mini MBA programmes to its students with low prices. These Mini MBA programmes s are designed to give students a stronger foundation in current business theory and practices.
Graduates of these programmes s should emerge with the confidence they need to make sound business decisions, both for
themselves and for the companies they are working for. A mini
MBA can be a great way for managers to get the inspiration and
knowledge they need to move up their positions or motivate
their teams who are working under their orders.

OTA offers a lot of management programmes, which are in many fields. OTA's customer service team is available to address
your queries and help find the course that suits your needs wherever and whenever you want.

OTA is one of the world's leading and largest academies. We have agents from various cultures and ideas from around the
world. We help our employees to change lives. A global perspective and cultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of
our research and teaching.

OTA is specialized in various fields Human Resourses, Knowledge, Safety, Security, Insurance, English Language
courses and many other fields.



Social Responsibility

Oxford Training Centre has a great responsibility for all people, but after some conditions, which we will announce them later. We have a responsibility towards people in the Middle East. We will make them manage to study in big countries in Europe. We help people in the poor regions to study for free, that we are part of this big society. We can solve our experienced trainers to them wherever they are.



Our General Agent in the Middle East

It is considered to be our General Agent in the Middle East. It is located in KSA. We chose it because it is the most serious training centre in the Middle East. It is the only training centre to represent us in this region. Our co-operation with them in this field is unlimited.

Dar Al-Ruaa - AlKhozama Building - Olaya Street - Riyadh - KSA - Tel. 920022289 - Fax. (01)2176077
Web site: www.alruaa.com - E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Oxford Training Academy (OTA)
15 Osney Court, Botely Road, UK - Oxford ox2 0hl, Tel. 0047587742238, Fax 0047810212903,
Web site: http://www.oxfordtraining.org.uk/, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Matthias G. Wood
General Manager

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